Next event: “Paranorma Panorama” Nov 17th

Title: Next event: Paranorma Panorama
Nov 17th
Location: Odessa Club, Dublin
Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2009-11-17

Our next event will be the exciting, thrilling and mostly-but-not-definitely terrifying white-knuckle ride of paranorma panorama.

Curated by the inimitable Una Mullally (just try to imitate her, as we did and failed to do, and you too will agree that you are miserable and failing at it) our romp through all things paranormative, hauntworthy, and pants-poopingly confusing will surely make you leave with brain mangled, heart spinning, and trousers heavy or uncomfortably cold.

On the 16th of November, at 7:30pm in the evening at the Odessa Club, Dame Court, Dublin 2.

White knuckle attire requested.

Five of our rapidly-devaluing Eurocurrency dollars at the door.

We should also add that our guest list is absolutely heaving. We will be sending out a confirmation (and, we should add, a conformation) email soon, after which point people can confirm or deny, or nail a list of ninety-five theses on our imaginary door, and we can start letting people in off the waitlist. But fret not, Chaosers and Chaosettes! You may already be on our list. We gave first refusal to anyone who was too late to make it past the barricades of our launch event, and people who drunkenly clawed and pawed at us on launch night, swearing revenge against the winners – many of them were added to the list in the hope that they/you meant it. Failing that, our waitlist ain’t such a bad place to be.

And, we are also happy to say that we will be adding glamorous and potentially worrying one-off Chaos Thaoghaire events at a venue near you soon. If you are in or near Dublin, that is. So if you haven’t managed to secure a spot on our list, don’t fret! We also recommend commissioning us yourself. That way we have no choice but to let you in, especially if you want to give us money and candy.

Chaos out!

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