Chaos! The Future of Arts, Media, And Really Messing Up Your Head Is Here

The future of media. It’s bigger than the space race, so it is. Who will be the first to land on the new moon of profitable (and self-supporting) new media? Who knows? How will people pee on the moon in the future? Did you know that Neil Armstrong was the first man to stand on the moon, but that Buzz Aldrin was the first to pee on it?

I just wanted to share¬†this post over at Snarkmarket. What Robin Sloan wants is what we wanted when we came up with Chaos Thaoghaire, only we didn’t articulate it in exactly the same way. Something performative along with something generative, she says. No audiences allowed, we said. Everyone’s a participant. Stories are shared and new stories are made, and then we’ve got something for the web, and maybe someone would like to pay us to do this, so we can have three squares a day without having to go to prison to get them. What Robin wants may not be what we get, but what is true is that the future of media (and I include in this all the various forms of interaction and storytelling) will be something that we want. It will happen because we want it. Someone will figure out a model that will make it pay for itself, and we’ll all get what we want. And it’s always nice to see that there are other people on the same page we are. Even if it’s not ultimately the way to the moon, we can enjoy the trip.

Buzz takes a wizzOf course, it’s entirely possible that no matter how much we rationalise or legitimise Chaos Thaoghaire, what we really want is to see your nasty side and hear your filthiest, most horrible secrets. Ok, so that, too.

Fine, mostly that.

Anyway, here’s a picture of a relieved Buzz Aldrin. Second-place might be the first loser, but not when you’ve been holding it since Houston.

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