Leaning into the ludicrous (and Chaos in the news again!)

First, many thanks to Eoin Butler for including us in his piece in Saturday’s Irish Times Magazine, along with Leviathan, Offset, and other great events. We do like being invited to the party.

And despite the continuing confusion over what Chaos Thaoghaire is actually about, it’s clear that we’re way more zeitgeisty than we’d even thought ourselves. Apparently even proper professional people who finished their PhDs recognise that being ridiculous is an important aspect of your working life: playful, rebellious moments make you better at whatever it is you do. Curiosity is important. Creativity is vital.

You might still not be clear on what it is we do, but our point is to crack you open and shake you out. The dictatorial atmosphere keeps you focused on the moment, the storytelling gets you in the gut, and the games get your brain working and pull you out of that comfortable little space where everything is as it should be. Great ideas were never born in a womb. No, the only thing that comes out of a womb is a kicking, constantly shitting-and-screaming machine that eventually wants you to buy it a car and send it on a holiday and to college.

Don’t do that.

Be creative. Do something stupid. Reckless. Ridiculous. Hilarious. Even if it doesn’t spark the big idea that saves you from the next round of involuntary redundancies, at least it will make your day better, and that’s something.

Of course, we could have told you that.

Don’t be lame.

Lean into the ludicrous.

Make Chaos part of your life.

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