Electric Picnic Chaos: Waiting for What

Bit by bit we’re still recovering from the Electric Picnic. It’s nearly two months now, and we can say that we’re about 50% there. The muck is finally off my (split-in-two) wellies, the neurological effects of Uncle Monty’s Bus have faded to the occasional twitch, and I’ve nearly got a full night of sleep. Almost most of the twigs are out of my hair, although I still haven’t unpacked all the bags, some of which are sitting in the corner of the room, probably with rotting fruit in the bottom of them, and baby wipes blackened with indeterminable stains.

This morning I also need more coffee because I’m still also recovering from my trip to the Canaries (for work! It was for work!) and spent most of it eating candy and things made from cheese, and I’m still on a sugar come-down, and my face is burning up on re-entry so I’m having to reduce the dosage slowly.

Anyway, Sorca McGrath. I’ve known Sorca for a bunch of years, and I’m gonna get a little corny, but if you tell anyone, I’m going to suckerpunch you in your guts. She’s a genius. She’s a stunningly beautiful, hilarious, incredible brain box, and she’s also one of the kindest, most fun, most benevolent people I know. And she not only did her story in song for Electric Picnic, she spent ages fiddling with it afterwards so that it’s just right. So that I can post it here and you can wake up to it and play it awkwardly over coffee, even if you woke up with someone with whom you are so little acquainted that you don’t know how to make his or her eggs, and if so then congratulations: you’ve still got it.

Sorca’s story, Waiting for What is brilliant, and it’s a kickass tune, too. Be her fan. but if you want to be her biggest fan, you’ll have to bare-knuckle box me for the title, and I’ll warn you: I think Queensberry rules are for suckers, and I bite.

Waiting for what by sorcalou

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